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When you consider the number of vehicles that are travelling on the road every day it is not a stretch to imagine the number of accidents that can occur at the same time. Those that work driving a recovery lorry are the ones that work directly with these accidents and deal with the aftermath of incidents and accidents that result in injury and at times death.

The recovery lorry driver is responsible for cleaning up the scene after an accident. These drivers will remove damaged cars from the road and clear away the mess that is left behind. The job is an important one, but it is not always the most pleasant atmosphere to work in every day. The recovery lorry driver may be a witness to some of the gruesome accidents that happen on the road, which makes it a job for someone with a strong stomach.

While the recovery lorry driver does not work to rescue victims from the wreckage or have any contact at all with the drivers of these cars, the scenes can be devastating to view. It is hard to look at the remains of a vehicle that has been involved in a major crash and not consider the people that were recently seated in the car. There is often blood left behind in the vehicles, which are a gruesome reminder of the life that was operating the vehicle.

The recovery lorry driver is not often given training on the psychological impact that these sights will have on them in their daily work. For those who are considering this type of work, it is important that they are prepared for some of the things that they will see in their work day.

A recovery lorry driver will take a vehicle back to the storage yard where it will stay until someone makes the decision on what to do with it. Demolished vehicles may be junked, but the victim or family members are given an opportunity to collect their belongings from the vehicle before the car is destroyed.

Recovery lorry drivers must have the proper training to operate the vehicle and a crane in some cases. Typically the destroyed vehicles are lifted off the road with the use of a crane. Drivers can obtain training for these vehicles in lorry training schools. A recovery lorry driver is usually well trained in the operation of recovery vehicles including the crane.

For those considering a career as a recovery lorry driver, it is important that they consider the type of scenes that they will be called upon to work. Mental preparation cannot be taught in driving school. The recovery lorry driver must have a good support system at home and not allow the emotional challenges of the job affect their ability to work. It is a tall task for some, but it can be a rewarding and lucrative field. Lorry drivers should explore the opportunities and salary possibilities of a recovery lorry driver to help in their decision process. It is also important to ensure that the driver gets the proper training to operate the recovery lorry.

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