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ERF Lorry

The ERF lorry was created by Edwin R. Foden, who left the Foden Company to expand his work on diesel powered vehicles in 1932. The company went on to great success, building lorries that the public loved. The company, eventually purchased by MAN, no longer produces the vehicles, but they are still available in the used lorry market. To find an ERF lorry, you will have to do some research.

You can still find an ERF lorry in some used vehicle dealerships, but you will have to do some searching to find the right ERF lorry for your needs. The vehicles are some of the best built lorries in the business, but a used vehicle is always a risk. To minimize the risk that you take when purchasing one of these lorries, you should seek the advice of a mechanic that is familiar with the ERF lorry.

The mechanic can examine the ERF lorry that you find and determine if there are repairs needed on the vehicle and what you can expect for the life of the vehicle. It is possible to find a late model ERF lorry that will last for many years for a very small amount of money.

If you are unable to find a suitable ERF lorry from a dealership, there may be one available through the classifieds. Here you will find owners of these vehicles selling them through a private sale. You must have the mechanic check out these vehicles before you decide to purchase.

Once you find an ERF lorry, you may have to shop for financing. Unless you have the money to pay for your lorry outright, you will have to find funding for your ERF lorry. Your usual bank is a good place to start the search for financing. A bank is likely to give you the best terms for your ERF lorry financing. You may also find financing available from a dealership, but the rates are usually higher.

Check your monthly budget to determine the payment that you can afford each month. You should also plan for maintenance of the vehicle and the cost to insure your ERF lorry. The ERF lorry that you purchase will bring benefits to your business, but it is not without a cost. Make sure that you plan for the payment, insurance, maintenance and fuel costs for your new addition to the business.

Ensure that you have the credentials necessary to drive the particular model ERF lorry that you purchase. Your employees who will be driving the vehicle should have the proper credentials as well. The investment in a work truck requires the vehicle to be used to offset its cost.

Making the decision to purchase a major piece of equipment is a big one for most businesses. Make sure that the purchase of an ERF lorry for your business is a wise one and that it will bring you a return on your investment. Plan to get plenty of use out of your ERF lorry and the cost will be outweighed by its benefit.

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