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7.5 Ton Lorry

A 7.5 ton lorry is a popular choice for homeowners with large homes to move, and businesses that must move a large amount of materials. The benefit of this type of vehicle for most people is that it is possible to drive a 7.5 ton lorry on a car licence if you obtained your licence before 1997. This makes it possible for most people to get the size lorry they need for a large move.

You can get a 7.5 ton lorry for a short period of time or you can lease it for your business. Businesses can take advantage of the licence requirements for the 7.5 ton lorry and hire employees that hold a regular driver's licence. This saves a company a lot of money.

For the homeowner, a 7.5 ton lorry is a good choice when moving a household full of furniture over a long distance. If you plan to move a considerable distance, it is not practical to make trips back and forth in a car to move your belongings and furniture. You will also find it difficult to move many of your larger pieces in a car. The 7.5 ton lorry resolves all of these problems and can get you into your new home in just one trip. You will also get the benefit of extra moving equipment if you get your lorry rental from the right business.

The equipment and features of the 7.5 lorry are just one of the things that you should look for in the rental business you use to get your vehicle. Many businesses will provide you with equipment such as strapping and pads for your furniture without cost, but some may charge you for the extra materials. Choose a company that provides these extras to make your move more efficient and safe.

After you have compared the costs of the various companies offering the 7.5 ton lorry, you should take the time to inspect the vehicles. You want to be sure that the lorries are in reasonably good condition before you rent. A lorry should be in good condition to prevent damaging your furniture and belongings.

Get insurance for your 7.5 ton lorry to keep yourself protected in case of accident. The policy should protect you and others in the event there is a vehicle accident with the lorry. This is an essential item when you are renting a 7.5 ton lorry.

Once you have your lorry picked out, packing it is one of the more difficult aspects if you have a large amount of furnishings and boxes. The way that you pack your 7.5 ton lorry will prevent any of your furniture from becoming damaged and will maximize the space in the vehicle. A poorly packed lorry wastes a good deal of space. Think about your packing before you start putting items in the vehicle. With some planning and thought, you will have enough space to pack your entire household without damaging any of your furnishings. The 7.5 ton lorry has enough space for most households, but you want to prevent items from bouncing around in the back.

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